Me autot

Roadshow - Touring exhibition

Easy and complete: we provide the whole framework for your exhibition, from the driver to decals.

Set up once, tour all of Europe

The latest technology (wireless Internet, flat screen TVs, etc.) creates new possibilities for your show

The on-wheels exhibition means effortless transfers.Take the exhibition to your clients

Me Autot Oy

ME-Autot has over 40 years of experience as an organiser of touring exhibitions.Our selection of eight vehicles offers a variety of solutions. Over the years, our vehicles have been used as


We can provide all the solutions required for a touring exhibition. We will discuss your needs and work with you to design a suitable route plan and give you tips on the right exhibition places and stand design and decoration - or help you design the vehicle decals, etc. The exhibition vehicle is hired as a unit consisting of a suitably sized vehicle and a driver. On request, the driver can take care of agreed tasks during the tour.


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